The last time I had won the Irish Championship was in 2007, playing against Stephen Flinter in the final. This time I had qualified in circumstances that I wasn't entirely happy with. With one third of the Top 8 games unplayed the adjudiction, almost a mass forfeit, put me on top. Still, there was no obvious alternative. In the final I faced Claas Roever, who had to go through a play-off with Noel Mitchell to reach the final. Ironic as these two were in last year's final. Strangely all the games were played on KGS. Claas was loitering in Spain on his way to New Zealand for a Sabatical.

For the first game I played in a freezing room in the North West Snooker Club in Letterkenny, there were 3 other people there playing poker. After a good opening I held on to win with the Black stones.

The second game saw me at home, I had an even better opening but totally threw away the game in the middle. The score was level at 1-1

The third game was a return to the North West Snooker Club, the room was empty this time I think, and I survived an awful opening to clinch victory by resignation.

Guo Juan made a review of the first game of the Final.

The last game is reviewed in the IGA Newsletter, Issue 4

You can click on the Games below to play through them using the zGo applet - thanks Daniel Ciota!

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